Product information
List of equipment
AVEX Main equipment
Equipment details
List of equipment
Name of line/machineTypesCapacityNumberManufacturer name
CNC automatic latheB0-205∅2013Tsugami Corporation
CNC automatic latheBH20Z∅2011Tsugami Corporation
CNC automatic latheBS206H∅205Tsugami Corporation
CNC automatic latheS205∅2018Tsugami Corporation
CNC automatic latheB206∅201Tsugami Corporation
Machining centerTC-S2A 1Brother Industries, Ltd. Others
Washing machineCONCEPT-V/td 1AQUA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
Center-less grinderMQS-450 1MICRON MACHINERY CO., LTD. Others
Center-less grinderMQS-600C 1MICRON MACHINERY CO., LTD. Others
Testing equipment list
Name of line/machineTypesCapacityNumberManufacturer name
Circularity measuring instrumentRONDCOM 54DX3 1TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD.
ProjectorPJ-H30C1010B 1Mitsutoyo Corporation Others

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